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Prepare For Summer By Lowering Your Monthly Energy Bill

Energy Bill

The official start of summer arrives on June 20, and with it comes the excitement of all things summer-related. But if you’re someone who relies on the AC to keep you cool no matter the time of day, it can be costly. Making a few adjustments now will definitely help keep your electric bill on the lower end, helping you save on energy throughout the upcoming summer season. 

Here are a few ways to save money on your monthly energy bill this year: 

1. Install Blackout Curtains. Blackout curtains are rated to block strong and harmful UV rays that not only heat up the room but cause your air conditioner to work overtime. Consider hanging them up to keep the sun out, keep the rooms cool and protect your furniture from fading from the sun constantly penetrating the fabrics. 

2. Change Your HVAC Filters. Changing AC filters will free up space that has been inhabited by dust and other allergens. A dirty and clogged air filter can cause system malfunctions and equipment damage, not to mention make your AC unit work in overdrive, causing a spike in your utility bill. 

3. Install Solar Panels. Solar panels can be cost-effective especially for homes located in warmer climates. Solar panels get their energy from the sun and save you from turning on the AC in warm months and help keep your home heated when it’s cold. 

4. Add Ceiling Fans. Not only do ceiling fans look great they also are much cheaper to run than air conditioning. These are inexpensive to add and help keep the air circulating throughout the room. Consider buying other energy-efficient appliances throughout the home, too.

5. Change Your Flooring. Install hardwood floors, vinyl, or other energy-efficient types and remove the carpet. Give your home a makeover, as well as protect it from the heat in the summer and save energy. Carpet is known to retain heat which also means it’s keeping your home hotter in the summer months.

8. Update Your Windows. Old windows are most likely not energy-efficient. Replacing older windows with new energy-efficient ones will save you a lot. While the initial investment is on the higher end, the long rate of return is something you’ll benefit from for many years to come. 

9. Invest in Greenery. Head to your local nursery and buy more hearty and bushy trees. Plant them in places where you know the sun shines during the warmer months. They will act as barriers providing shade and cooler temps inside.

10. Check for Leaks. Badly sealed windows cause the air to leak. And who wants to lose all the cool air you’re paying for? Sealing those leaks keeps the air inside and stops your AC from having to work harder. It’s important to check other areas in your house that can cause air to leak, including attics, door frames, air ducts, outlets, plumbing access, and water and furnace flues. It’s important to seal and caulk the gaps to eliminate wasteful loss of energy!

11. Install a Programmable Thermostat or Smart Technology. Programmable thermostats and smart technology can help you save significant energy. They allow you to set schedules for your air cycle, as well as provide climate control detection. These tools allow homeowners to maximize their AC usage in an efficient manner.  

Your Dallas Air Conditioning Experts
Keeping your home comfortable during the summer months, while also not breaking the bank on your utility bills matters. At Strike Force Heating & Air, we remain dedicated to helping you maximize your energy consumption while also saving you money. By following a few or all of these tips, we know you’ll see a difference in your monthly energy bill. If you have any questions regarding your air conditioning, give the HVAC experts at Strike Force Heating & Air a call today.