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AC Repair & Maintenance

AC Repair & Maintenance

Sweating in the Texas heat is no fun and neither is fixing your own air conditioner—especially when you consider how complex it is. Needless to say, when your AC stops working, life can get pretty stressful pretty fast. All is not lost though, there are still some basic things you can do to troubleshoot your own air conditioner.

Check the Power Switches

Check the outdoor switch by the condenser and the indoor switch by the air handler—they tend to accidentally get switched off. If one, or both, happen to be off, just switch them back on. Additionally, a power surge could have tripped the circuit breaker. If it happens to be tripped, just flip it back on.

Check the Thermostat

First of all, make sure it’s set to COOL and not HEAT or OFF. Secondly, make sure the thermostat is set to below room temperature—and there’s a fairly small margin for error here. If room temperature is 70 and the thermostat is set to 71, your air conditioner will not come on. Finally, if none of that works, your thermostat may just need new batteries.

Check the Air Filter

A certain amount of cool air is needed to satisfy your thermostat. If your air filter is clogged, all that cool air your paying for isn’t getting through. Your air conditioner will run more than it should and eventually cause the AC coils to freeze. Air flow becomes further restricted, your unit has to work harder and your electric bill goes up.

If you’ve tried everything and your air conditioner still won’t work, give us a call! Please note, the hotter it gets, the busier we get.

Schedule a free consultation at (214) 570-4966—we’ll give your AC unit a checkup and make sure it’s ready for summer!

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