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AC Filter Replacements

Air Conditioner Filter Replacement

A clogged AC filter will cause a host of problems for not only the unit itself, but for anyone living in your home. From unwanted noise to allergies, here are some of the most common problems.

Frequent On-Off Cycling

Throughout the day, your air conditioner will cycle on and off as part of its regular operation. A dirty filter can cause your air conditioner to cycle much more frequently than usual. In addition to extra noise, constant cycling causes room temperature to fluctuate from comfortable to uncomfortable.

Iced AC Coils

A clean air filter allows cold air to flow freely out of the unit. A dirty filter does the exact opposite. When too much cold air builds up inside your air conditioner, its internal temperature becomes low enough for ice to form on the coils.

Some Rooms Cooler Than Others

The dirtier your air filter, the harder your air conditioner has to work to push cool air through your home. Depending on how your in-home duct system is routed, certain rooms will be cooler than others. With a clogged filter, your air conditioner won’t have enough power to push air into rooms routed furthest from the AC unit.

Increased Allergies

A dirty filter allows allergens to build up inside your duct system, where they can sit for months at a time. Whenever you use your air conditioner, those allergens are forced into the air you breathe. You may even end up with a mold problem. If your asthma or allergies seem worse than usual, check your AC filter!

Please note, depending on how long your AC filter was left unchanged, the damage to your system may be even more widespread. If you’ve recently changed your filter but your AC is still acting up, please call us at (214) 570-4966 for a free consultation.

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