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McKinney, TX

The Leading Provider of Residential HVAC Services in McKinney, TX

Need HVAC services in McKinney, TX? The pros at StrikeForce Heating & Air are here to serve you. We have been doing this since 2011, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll get top-notch service. We work on HVAC equipment of all types, makes, and models.

We Deliver the Solutions That Your HVAC Needs

Turn to us for professional and cost-effective:

Duct Cleaning

Enjoy the benefits of clean air ducts by contacting us for professional duct cleaning.

HVAC Maintenance

Keep your comfort system running smoothly throughout the year with professional care from StrikeForce Heating & Air.

Indoor Air Quality

From air filtration and purification systems to humidifiers and dehumidifiers, our indoor air quality solutions handle the contaminants that harm your HVAC system and health.


  • Heat Pump Services – Keep your family warm and safe during winter with our professional heat pump installation, repair, and maintenance services.
  • Furnace Repair & Maintenance – When your furnace goes out, contact us. We’ll inspect your heater to diagnose the problem and offer a quick, long-term solution. We can also help you keep it in top shape with our furnace maintenance services.
  • Furnace Installations & Replacements – When you need a new furnace installed or your existing one upgraded, contact us. Our furnace installation and replacement services ensure you get a highly efficient system.


  • Refrigerant Leak Repair – A refrigerant leak can cause your AC system to malfunction and present potential risks to your family. When you need help, contact us for prompt AC refrigerant leak repair.
  • AC Filter Replacements – Improve your home’s air quality and your HVAC system’s performance with professional AC filter replacement courtesy of StrikeForce Heating & Air.
  • AC Install & Replacement – If you need a new air conditioner in your home, we can help. We install and replace AC systems, regardless of your home design or cooling needs.
  • AC Repair & Maintenance – We can identify and fix any problem with your air conditioner. We can also help you keep your cooling system running flawlessly all summer with professional care from our team.

Air Quality

  • Air Duct Insulation – We provide affordable ductwork insulation designed to maintain balanced indoor temperatures in all weather conditions.
  • Air Duct Repairs & Replacement Services – We provide efficient and effective duct repair and replacement services for any type of ductwork in your home.
  • Mechanical Ventilation – If your home doesn’t have adequate ventilation, we can help. We offer mechanical ventilation solutions, which can be customized for every space.
  • Attic Insulation & Efficiency Services – Experience improved energy efficiency with professional attic insulation from StrikeForce Heating & Air.
  • Central Air Installation – If your current central AC system has seen better days, we can help you find the right system for your home and install it quickly.

Entrust Your HVAC Needs to Our Team

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