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AC Installs & Replacement

AC Installation & Replacement

A poorly installed air conditioner usually isn’t something you can spot right away. In fact, you may not suspect anything’s wrong until you see your electric bill. A properly installed air conditioner will meet all manufacturer specifications—from the distance to the nearest tree to the pressure in the refrigerant line. Here are just a few of the things we check to make sure your new air conditioner gets installed correctly.

Enough Space Around Unit

Your air conditioner needs a certain amount of space around it to do its job. It needs a certain amount of space to breathe. It also needs enough space for maintenance and repair. It may even need extra space for wiring or piping. We’ll find the perfect spot to install your air conditioner and make sure it isn’t damaged if anything falls off your roof.

Verify Refrigerant Level

Refrigerant is the life-blood of your air conditioner. It cools the warm air from outside and blows it inside your home. The amount of refrigerant must be maintained so the system pumps at the correct pressure. We measure the AC system pressure while filling to help ensure the correct refrigerant level. Incorrect refrigerant levels can lower air conditioner efficiency by up to 20 percent, and possibly cause a system breakdown.

Verify Airflow Across Coils

Air conditioners need a certain amount of air flow to provide ample heat exchange. Not enough or too much and you’ll have problems. To verify air flow we measure external static pressure at two key locations. One, after the filter in the return, and two, before the coil in the supply plenum. We use those values along with manufacturer specs to tell us how much air flow, in cubic feet per minute, is present.

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