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Duct Insulation

Does your furnace AND air conditioner run non-stop, regardless of the temperature outside? Does your electric bill keep going up and up? If there’s nothing wrong with your unit, poorly insulated ductwork could be the reason behind your HVAC troubles.

Keeps Temperature Stable

As air travels through your duct system, its temperature changes to match the ambient room temperature in your home. The longer the distance traveled, the greater the change in temperature. If your ductwork is poorly insulated, the change in air temperature could be substantial.

It takes a certain amount of air to match the temperature on your thermostat—and your furnace or air conditioner will keep running until that temperature is reached. If the air temperature changes rapidly, your unit needs to work even harder to pump more air in. Consequently, your HVAC system undergoes extra wear and tear that leads to extra repairs.

Prevents Condensation

When cool air passes though warm areas, condensation can form inside your ducts. As moisture builds up, it creates an environment inside your ducts that weakens the duct material and promotes mold growth. If your ducts are metal, they can corrode from the inside out. If mold forms, it will eventually make it into the air you breathe.

Reduces Noise

Ever hear a popping noise coming from your vents after your furnace shuts off? That noise is coming from your ducts. After your furnace runs, the warm ducts begin to cool from the surrounding air. The ducts contract, or shrink, while cooling, the same way water shrinks when it freezes. Annoying isn’t it? Well there’s a way to fix it. Insulating your ducts will help reduce the noise made when they cool. It won’t get rid it completely, but it will definitely help muffle it.

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