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Drain Clearing

Drain Clearing

When your plunger has lost its suction and your snake just isn’t long enough, it’s time to call a professional. Plungers, snakes and Drain-O are good for breaking up hairballs and food clumps, but if you have a giant mass of who-knows-what clogging your drain, you need a better set of tools for the job.

We’ve seen every type of clog there is—and we have all the right tools for locating and dismantling them without damaging your plumbing. Here’s a short list of the different drain clearing services we offer.

Kitchen & Bathroom Drains

Pretty much anything that will fit inside a kitchen or bathroom drain will somehow wind up there. Jewelry, small toys, money… you name it, we’ve dug it out. Add that to the mass of hair, food and mineral build-up and off-the-shelf drain cleaners just won’t cut it, especially if the clog is deep enough.  

We have the tools and experience to locate, break up and clear the deepest kitchen and bathroom drain clogs—like the ones caused by pouring grease down the drain. Grease travels far because it’s so slippery. It sticks to everything else then hardens from cold water—it’s great.

Floor & Outdoor Drains

Also known as wastewater drains, they’re often found near drain spouts and in basements, garages and laundry rooms. They carry away wastewater from air conditioners, water heaters and washing machines. 

Wastewater from household appliances and HVAC equipment contain large amounts of minerals, detergent and bacteria plus all kinds of dirt and debris.

Over time, the debris from the wastewater builds up and crystallizes inside the drainpipe. If left unchecked, a clogged floor or outdoor drain will cause water to back up inside your home, possibly flooding it or causing water damage.

Do you have a drain you just can’t unclog? Call us at (214) 570-4966 for a free consultation!

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