Boiler Repair

Your boiler is a highly durable piece of equipment. In fact, it may rarely need repairs, if ever. However, if your boiler starts acting up, it could be something serious. Here are some of the most common boiler problems:

No Heat

When there’s no heat coming from your boiler, it’s difficult to diagnose the problem with out seeing it. An engaged safety switch might be preventing the boiler from staying on. A pump or thermostat might be broken. Maybe your boiler just plain isn’t igniting. Often there are other symptoms present and we’ll need to inspect your boiler to know for sure.

Pilot Light Out

If your pilot light won’t stay lit, you might have a faulty thermocouple. The thermocouple detects if your pilot light is on and tells the gas valve to open. A faulty thermocouple will prevent the gas valve from staying open. With no gas, your pilot light goes out. Although a thermocouple is easy to replace, there are often bigger problems at hand and it’s best to have your boiler inspected by a technician.


Corrosion is often the source of many boiler leaks. Pipes and tanks weaken when corroded and allow water to leak out. If only a single component is corroded, like a valve, we can just replace the valve. However, if the corrosion is more widespread, your whole boiler may need to be replaced. Although, sometimes we find that a leak was only condensation.


When you hear a loud, rumbling sound coming from your boiler, that’s kettling. Don’t worry though, your boiler isn’t going to explode. Kettling happens when excess minerals from the water build up and block water flow through the boiler’s heat exchanger. As the water boils, the steam has no place to go. The steam puts extra pressure on the boiler tank, causing the rumbling sound. If left unfixed, the heat exchanger could rupture and cause immense damage to the rest of the system.